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September 18, 2012 (Tuesday)

The majority of all U.S. Team members arrived last night. The hotel is full and buzzing with activity. Today the plan was for everyone to meet at the paddock to unload the U.S. container and get the pit area set up and begin working on bikes.

Everyone arrived about 10:00. The main pits (paddock or “parc ferme”) is at the Sachsenring race facility which is about 15-20 minutes from the hotel. This is a Moto GP (superbike) track but they also do some race car driving.

Immediately after we arrived we could hear the roaring of engines. It appeared to be a practice day on the track. It was awesome to watch a variety of different cars, mostly Porsches, Mercedes, BMW, and Subaru rally cars racing around the track.

Even the Trophy Team members were excited to see the cars.

The cars were racing directly behind the fence across the pit area. The corners were all watered and the cars were drifting. It was a real-life XBOX game for my boys to watch.

Unloading the container is a big job. This thing was packed to the ceiling and it was a great team effort from everyone.

One of the most impressive things was watching everyone jump in and help. Kurt Caselli was in the container the entire time doing a lot of the “heavy lifting”, as well as Mike Brown and others.

It was a relief when we saw Josh’s crate come out of container. It’s not as if I thought it would be lost in the Atlantic, but there’s just something reassuring to finally see it in Germany.

All the crates were placed so the riders could get to them and get started on their bikes.

But first, the U.S. Team Canopy needed to be assembled. Not a bad job with a lot of people to help.

I was proud seeing the U.S. colors raised.

It was then time to dig into the crates and start working on bikes.
Everything made it fine. Thanks for the awesome crate Derek Nelson!

This was the Polish team that is setup next to us. They had an easy drive across the border and the luxury of trucking in all their stuff.

We then wandered down to the Metzeler rig to purchase tires and bib mousses. Tires anyone?

The guy told us there were almost 1,500 tires in the truck alone and there was another slightly smaller one parked next to it totally full as well.
And some serious cash in bib mousses.

I walked out of there with my wallet quite a bit lighter, and enough tires and bib mousses that it required my entire family to carry them all back to the pits.

Kaytee got the privilege of riding in the backseat with the tires on the way back to the hotel. She loved it. It was better than sitting by her brothers.

Reid Brown and his wife (from Oregon), gave up their first-born child and a wad of cash for a week’s worth of tires and bibs, and Reid was laughing about it.

So many sponsors to thank! We installed the custom embroidered rear Tugger on Josh’s bike. Thanks to everyone who purchased Tuggers and to Burt and Troy from Highline Recreation for their generous support.

Several guys are renting bikes here in from either KTM or Husaberg (and one Gas Gas 250F with a Yamaha 250F motor in it). There is some serious eye candy. Check out this gorgeous 300 Germany Six Days edition. I was geeking out over these bikes.

This is Michael Jolly’s Husaberg rental. He is on the same club team as Josh and Nick Hamill from California.

Destry Abbott uncrating his bike.

Destry is great, and came and found Josh today and talked to him for a few minutes. Russell Bobbitt came and chatted with Josh and my other boys for a few minutes as well. One of the greatest experiences from Mexico was that Josh learned that all the racers are “just guys” like everyone else. They’re not untouchables, and they just love to ride dirt-bikes as he does.

Yes, there are a lot of orange bikes here. That is Mike Brown’s factory KTM in the front with no graphics. I’m sure it will be prettied up a bit. The bikes were all lined up and chained up for the night before leaving the pits.

But there are a lot of other awesome bikes as well. Destry and Taylor Robert’s factory Kawasakis (along with Jeff Fredettes bike).

The first U.S. Team meeting was held tonight at the hotel. Logistics, schedules, protocol, volunteer positions, and team introductions were conducted.

Tomorrow the plan is to finish some bike prep and then go locate and walk some more special tests.

Today was sunny and almost hot. It’s now past midnight, and it’s dumping rain outside. Weather could be a huge factor in this event.
Thanks for all the encouragement to share some insight for the team from our perspective. It takes a lot of time to organize and share the photos/story, but time permitting, I enjoy it and know that is a way for so many of you to share in the experience vicariously.
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