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Originally Posted by BogeyMan View Post
What I'd like to see is a configurable option for power off time when external power is removed.

I use the Montana on my dirtbike and due to vibration at highway speeds, I frequently see the message "external power lost, powering off in 30... 29... 28...". Then t "finds" external power again and the message comes back on. This happens a lot.

It would be nice to be able to configure the GPS to say ignore power losses for less than 30s or less than 1 minute.

Of course the other issue I have to fix here is make sure that it's not actually power to the cradle that's being interrupted at highway speeds.
I had the same problem with my Montana 600. I have it mounted on the Garmin rugged cradle and that is bolted to a Touratech locking mount. All mounted to my KTM 500 EXC and wired directly to the bike battery. The problem would show itself when riding over rough terrain. I called Garmin and they told me about the loose battery issue. I shimmed the battery with several layers of electrical tape. But that didn't cure the problem since it the Montana was losing external power. I then checked the connectors to the bike battery and found an ever so slight amount of looseness in the connector which I had just crimped on. At first I did not think that could possibly be the cause of the problem. But I went ahead and soldered both connectors to the wires and went for a ride with the GPS mounted. So far, problem solved! I think that even a slight amount of play in the connection is enough to cause voltage to drop enough for the Montana to shut solder those power connections!!!!!
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