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Originally Posted by Harvey Krumpet View Post
Had a bit of practice on the DT last night, t'was spur of the moment so no vid. My focus was getting to full lock ASAP & harder acceleration out of the turn. Which leads to harder braking into the next one.............
Bugger me, it's a relentless learning curve, I was chirping tires front & back, popping little wheelies & really struggling to put it all together at speed, going in too fast or too slow, turning to late or to early, to grabby on the brakes, pogoing the forks. Phew!
On the bright side my G/F reckons it was the best effort yet, to the point of turning round the cone in 1.5 mtrs.... We shall see when I take the camera next time. Will try & time it too, to give us a point of reference.
A word of caution, do not try & flick the bike right to left or vice versa when your giving it a big handful with the forks unloaded, it drops like a sack of tatties.... I'm sure you all know this already.

Anybody noticing how hard it is on front tires, all this braking? They are wearing faster than rears. It is cool not having chicken strips on the front, though. My sprot bike mates are quiet impressed!!!!
Yes front tires get a lot of abuse, mine are worn down all the way to the edge, while I still get about a centimeter of chicken strip on the rear.

Holly crap 1.5mtrs is pretty impressive, can't wait to see your vid and times.

As for the flicking... its insane how fast Japanese riders flick their bike into the turn. I'm amazed by it.

I REALLY want to learn this though.
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