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Originally Posted by Harvey Krumpet View Post
A word of caution, do not try & flick the bike right to left or vice versa when your giving it a big handful with the forks unloaded, it drops like a sack of tatties.... I'm sure you all know this already.
'Scuse us Yanks -- we don't always follow your accent :) Do you mean a big handful of brakes, or throttle? If you mean brakes, I did that once on my mountain bike, and that was quite exciting enough. The front suspension dove, causing the bike to tuck into the turn, which caused the suspension to tuck even just about threw me over the handlebars. I've given the Strom a lot more caution on the brakes when turning as a result of that learning experience on the bicycle (see, my dad was wrong -- I *CAN* be taught as long as the lesson is memorable enough )

OTOH, if you mean a handful of throttle, I'm curious what happens. Did the front tire wash out from under you due to too little traction?
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