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[QUOTE=Sting32;19620874]Dave, how long you been riding trials?

Go see some videos on youtube, you will see from time to time, even Toni Bou has to use such techniques.

Here to be more specific, unfortunately this video is on a hill, but the priciple is EXACTLY the same, you let the bike lean, you move your body around to keep the bike balanced. this guy 2 ply, he's got a lot of nice basic information and instruction videos on Vimeo. Remember, one is the "student" in the shots, so watch carefully. he's learning how to adjust his weight to keep the bike balanced in turns, be it flat ground or hillsides.

I am not sure how germane my years of experience are to the conversation and to me it sounds like you are ready to belittle me based on my experience. I was told to place the center of the arch of each foot as far out on the foot pegs as possible keep my knees away from the tank and bend them. Also to keep my elbows out and hold the grips tightly. Then keep my body vertical and move the bike around below as needed. The athletic position is the key as I understand it. I am just commenting that I have no idea how holding the bike at a crazy angle improves things especially traction and ones ability to react to sudden obstacles.

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