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Originally Posted by TheWall View Post
'Scuse us Yanks -- we don't always follow your accent :) Do you mean a big handful of brakes, or throttle? If you mean brakes, I did that once on my mountain bike, and that was quite exciting enough. The front suspension dove, causing the bike to tuck into the turn, which caused the suspension to tuck even just about threw me over the handlebars. I've given the Strom a lot more caution on the brakes when turning as a result of that learning experience on the bicycle (see, my dad was wrong -- I *CAN* be taught as long as the lesson is memorable enough )

OTOH, if you mean a handful of throttle, I'm curious what happens. Did the front tire wash out from under you due to too little traction?
It was throttle... The wee 2t lifts the front real easy in first & second. I was trying to emulate the pros & really get on the gas hard & early but ended up tipping the bike into the next turn with the front & rear brake on & the front wheel coming back to terra firma which tucked the moment the forks loaded, I had the presence of mind to release the front brake when the bars tucked, stick my size 12 out & get on the gas. I did manage to keep my head up!! Needless to say I went, er, off course. The bike just dropped. EEEEK! I'm sure the bike would have made it but I couldn't. I would not get away with it on Tubby. I did not have time to think so this is a bloody good instinct to have developed.
Getting into the turn with the front brake on is hard, I'm getting better but again with both brakes on the bike turns really hard. Releasing the front, maintaining good revs & keeping the rear brake on is another art I have to master. Once the bike starts too turn & you release the front brake it runs wide unless you give it more back brake at which point it wants to dive for pearls & I'm waiting for the back tire to lock up. Bare in mind I'm running dual purpose rear & semi knobblie 21" front. My faith is being sorely tested.
As much as my head is screaming Nooooooo! motogymkhanaman is right, the bikes will corner ridiculously hard & fast, way beyond my abilities. I don't mind admitting I'm right out of my comfort zone & at times scaring myself silly.
I may well be wrong but I don't think my technique will improve unless I go faster, the braking & accelerating transition & the rate of turn seem to be exponential. For not a lot more speed everything happens far quicker & more violently and it becomes a heap more physical. The old bad habits come back too.
Practicing correct braking in a straight line as a warm up shows just hard you can brake & helps a lot on the 8's.

Yeah, cheap thrills
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