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Originally Posted by DRTBYK View Post
Yes, but, not exactly. Since [you] created a Route you did select a destination somehow even if you didn't create a Waypoint. That destination will be in Recently Found, which just happens to be one of the "Search Near" options.

Good to know, I hadn't spotted "Search Near" in the options menu of "'Where To". I see recent city finds and waypoints are in there, but not via points I used to build my route with Use Map. And I have to Stop Navigation to do it. Bummer. I guess one can't complain about too many options and also grouse about being pushed into a modal navigation mode.

A workaround is of course to make a waypoint for where you want your route to land, and end the route there instead of with Use Map. Or just wait until you get there and then search Just surprised that this often useful feature is not in there, since it's especially great for finding parking POIs near your destination address. Frankly this usage scenario makes more sense when you have a co-pilot to punch the buttons and off-route calculation enabled anyway.

I thought I noticed some failed city searches in northern Italy, but chalked it up to spelling errors. I would get corresponding towns in North America instead. I should have paid more attention to see if those place names were *actually in my mapset*. I'd like to, but can't really declare that there's a problem there; it could have easily been a dumb user.
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