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Near Summit Lake

Near Summit Lake
Today was a day of travel. It was an unremarkable day. It was one of those days that when you sit down at the end of it and try to write an account - it is almost a blank. I had to sit and scratch awhile before the memory cells finally reacted. Temperature crawled up to 94 degrees for a while and then cooled rapidly. The cold front arrived at last! I was stopped on the road several times today by critters. I'll stick a couple of photos down below. You can identify them with no problem.
I am sitting in an old time log cabin. A politician was probably born here and I missed the name. It is unique. It has two sinks, but no water. It has a nice firm bed. The bath house is 100 yards away. I am paying $75.00 for the privilage of NOT sitting in a tent while the wind is gusting 60 MPH. The black clouds overhead haven't dumped yet.
I keep expecting to see Sgt. Preston of the R.C.M.P. and his faithful dog King. The closest I have seen is when a non-descript Gray Dodge suddenly comes alive with red and blue flashing lights. I came close today. HA! I remember! ! ! I was cruising along and after passing a long line of cars noticed a white vehicle about a 1/2 mile ahead. I was quickly closing the gap between us when - a single FLASH of lots of strobe lights appeared- Welllllllll . . . it didn't take me long to match his speed. We rode formation style for about five miles. The vehicle turned off onto a side road. As I passed by, the vehicle's lights FLASHED once more. I was grinning as I waved Goodbye and returned to cruise speed. I have reduced my normal cruise speed. I need more time to gawk. I admit, I mostly gawk at other tourists. The winner of today's award of "The Gawkiest" was an overweight man in a string bikini shopping in a country grocery store. At least he didn't work there! Tomorrow I hope to ride to Watson Lake. It is on the Border to the Yukon.

Road critters:

More critters:

One more:

A sincere apology to everyone that posts and I do not directly respond. I am so pleased that I am not the only - old fart runnin' down them lonely roads - hmmmn, could be a song title. I'm a two finger typist and by the time I get my stuff all written and the freakin' computer doesn't eat it - and I read your links - it is usually way past my bedtime. I promise: I do read everyone and check out the links.
One last thing - if you haven't - check out RTW Doug on that Amazing '28 Indian on the Cannonball run. Fun stuff. The tour passes within 15 miles of my abode on Thursday. I'll be out watchin'. You bet. John
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