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Originally Posted by BigWan View Post
Great Job on the report PDX A! I really enjoyed your sense of humor and photos.
It was fun to read a report from the perspective of a new rider.

I have to say, I feel a little guilty after reading about your single track fiasco.

That morning you approached me and asked what our little group was doing, and I told you we were looking for tight fast two track. I think your response was something like "what's two track?"
I should've pointed you in the direction of Byways, he's the one who led the ride to Yellowstone on the old railroad grade. Instead, I think I just said, "You don't want to be with us." Sometimes I can be a real dick. Sorry.

I'll bet looking back though, you are probably happy about being on that single track ride. You got to peek behind the curtain a little and see what's possible to ride, and aspire towards.


hahahaha " what's two track" I have vague recollection of that but not for a minute did I think you were being a dick. It was obvious that wasn't yall's first rodeo.

The single track " experience " was a great confidence builder in a weird way and I got me a fab toilet seat to remind me I have a long way to go. You don't get better doing the same ol shit, you don't know what you don't know and sir I don't know a lot but I do know what two track is now.

Just finished your old TAT report , f'in amazing and for a minute I didn't think you guys were human.
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