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dont wast money on pipe!

Originally Posted by MingRidesBikes View Post
Hey guys had some questions for ya about the wr426f. I recently purchased an 01 wr426f. looking to get the most power out of this bike. I had a 05 wr450f deristricted that was an absolute blast to ride. With that said I like my new to me 426 a lot. Smooth shifting, linear power band, but would like some more umph. it currently has a yz426 pipe on it. what mods will really bring it alive? I was thinking over the winter to do a yz450 exhaust cam, was contemplating getting a yz426 aftermarket pipe (i.e. fmf or a t-4) not sure how much more power that would be than the current yz pipe on the bike. Anything else to help bring this bike to life? And honestly will it ever have the power the 450 had? Thanks for your input guys.
I have got a Hybrid yz/wr motor and I have tried everything with some good sucess and some bad! From personal experience the 450 cam is Not Quite right. If you can afford it, the hotcams (no affiliation) cams specifically for the 426 in the yz is really good
more power, easy starting and no stalling when brake sliding due to the auto decomp

The bk mod

Make sure you have this matching carb with the red hot start button

The last option is the Vortex ignition I am friends with the owner of vortex and he has given me one of these that is tuned for the wr lighting coil/stator and it has a max power tune and a max tourque setting awesome

These three mods will give you all you need to give the bike all you can without loosing reliability

I have had Standard yz pipe, Titanium DSP pipe, FMF and also currently running a CRD pipe the power is un-noticable between all of the aftermarket pipes, just keep the yz its neat, works ok and not overly loud.

I also have mixed the yz and wr grearboxes to make a custom box 1st wr 2nd yz 3rd yz 4th yz & 5th wr (this was popular with the european enduro guys when the bike came out)

I have run the wr box and yz box, I have found the yz to last the longest and be the most useable in the woods where as the wr box is a bit better for the open stuff. Be aware these bikes are suseptable to fifth gear not holding due to loading up the gear and not reving it out dont labour the bike in fifth keep it on the boil and the gearbox will last

I have done heaps of work on these motors and have come accross all of the major problems that can be encountered with them, great bikes if you know there limitations and more help pm me

Build it and you will ride

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