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Originally Posted by Sting32 View Post
Dave, how long you been riding trials?

Go see some videos on youtube, you will see from time to time, even Toni Bou has to use such techniques.

Here to be more specific, unfortunately this video is on a hill, but the priciple is EXACTLY the same, you let the bike lean, you move your body around to keep the bike balanced. this guy 2 ply, he's got a lot of nice basic information and instruction videos on Vimeo. Remember, one is the "student" in the shots, so watch carefully. he's learning how to adjust his weight to keep the bike balanced in turns, be it flat ground or hillsides.

I am not sure how germane my years of experience are to the conversation and to me it sounds like you are ready to belittle me based on my experience. I was told to place the center of the arch of each foot as far out on the foot pegs as possible keep my knees away from the tank and bend them. Also to keep my elbows out and hold the grips tightly. Then keep my body vertical and move the bike around below as needed. The athletic position is the key as I understand it. I am just commenting that I have no idea how holding the bike at a crazy angle improves things especially traction and ones ability to react to sudden obstacles.


Seriously no, but your 1st post was pretty unclear, and left me thinking it was a snarky remark to what was discussed. I'm a TRIALS Evangelist, Ill argue with TS who has ridden for years, like I do, but I wouldn't belittle a new rider. I hunt down and try to help get new riders! Jesus Chrysler. Yes, I would sneer at a smart assed comment though, that is what I thought I read in your post. I mean it is DOCUMENTED fact, that the technique is even on "THE TRIALS TRAINING CENTER" you know the "college for trials riders" and you say it looks ridiculous and not needed, sounded kind of iffy to me.

Maybe you need to rethink how it sounded to me, here in the trials forum. I can't help that you "cannot see" or accept that it is a SUPER usefull Basic skill, yet.

When I read that I wanted to blast ya a little, and then I rethought my approach. Your problem was obvious IN MY OPINION, that you had not had enough experience in trials, to know why learning to do what was in the video, was helpful. That Turn in the video, which I already had said was exaggerated, realistically in the 70's through the 80's this is how you made tight turns, because you didn't pull in on the clutch, nor hop. IT is why the old bikes have extra big flywheels, you let the clutch out to start the section, pulled it in to get your score punched at the end. It is why old school riders will beat most new riders everytime, that skill is used, a lot.

Most beginners are struggling with throttle control, using the clutch, brakes and add to that balance. if you learn how to move your body's weight around on the bike, you can turn in any environment, without the clutch.

Then you take this "skill" and modify it for so many other things you ca do with it. it is like dribbling a basket ball, if you can only dribble on your dominant hand, going forward, well that is a problem in a "game" unless you only sit on the bench, or wear the pom poms, that is. if you can dribble forward, backwards, other hand, behind the back, them skills come on handy, then you have a chance to use the shooting or passing skills and all that.

You just got to practice, and get the technique, then learn how to apply it to different situations. it is that simple. My main point is, it is a very useful skill as well as training tool. Don't refuse to learn things like this, some time very soon the light will come on. It takes months of riding for a beginner, to make all these ingredients blend together. I call it "making soup":

1. add water to a pot (buy a bike and gear)
2. Select your ingredients (learn how to balance going slow)
3. add ingredients like carrots, taters, meat, what have you (start learning the basic skills add them to things you can do and do easily)
4. add heat (practice practice practice)
5. add spices (learn some trick riding skills maybe)
6. allow this to cook for probably 2-3 hours. (have you ever tasted home made stew or soup, before it has even had a few minutes of cooking? IT tastes nothing like soup, it tastes like water and vegatables, and raw meat all "separate..." When it is done, it tastes like soup.

Riders need to get the basics, then cook for a while! it suddenly will "combine" and suddenly MOST riders can do things a little more each week that they never thought they would be good at.

Best part about this, and Im not making this up, I spent MANY MANY hours in the 70's and 80's riding my trials bike, in the single car garage and driveway, even when there was a foot of snow on the ground, practicing turns, and balance. your neighbors wont care, unless you make yourself an annoyance (loud or obnoxious)... This kind of stuff... IT is the foundation you got to get set, before you build.

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