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Originally Posted by roadholder View Post
Honda had a lighting kit for them back in the day and many TL's were sold with it installed. Others I expect were removed and thrown into a box so there might be some out there to be found with a bit interweb work. I expect there may be some aftermarket options as well.
Heck, you can find "any" lights from any old bike, and hook them up, really. in the realm of things, Trials bikes were 1% of total production or less, but most competitiors would take them off as they uncrated the bike. The lights were probably taken from another "model" and not much to modify to the TL.

Heck I say just look around for any older bike, old honda dirt bikes, and use them. Somewhere there's got to be a link to wiring diagram, I know there was diagrams for old Yamaha trials bikes. I have to laugh, in the early 80's we took the lights from 2 TY trials bikes, mounted them on a golfcart. they are probably worth something nowdays, but who knows.
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