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Originally Posted by Adventureridersinter View Post
If you are going slow you will want to look were the bike is going! Get your eyes looking ahead of the bike. Lean the bike by pushing into the tank with your knee so if you are turning left push your right knee into the tank and off set you ass to the right side of the seat as a counter balance. By doing this you can lean the bike but still keep your head, shoulders over the center of the bike. As the bars turn left or right you move you bottom to the oposite side of the bike while turning.

While you are doing this exercise work on clutch, rear brake and throttle control because if you do not have these novice moves mastered first you will struggle with riding any exercise or obsticle.

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Lorne, I think you are telling people dead wrong technique. The only knee that should ever be near the tank, would be the inside one, because you are leaning the bike over that way.

Look at the video this post is talking about, you keep your knees bent and "bow legged" away from the tank, yet this leaves room for the bike to lean one way or the other. Another remark I want to correct is, you dont stick your butt out, you take your shoulders (with your butt directly under them) and move the body to shift the weight to the pegs. It is like a dance, not like some weird yoga like position.

not sticking things out extreme, makes it easier to switch sides or position, as well...
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