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I was going to store my bike with some kind of stabilizer in it. The gas in Canada does not seem to bad for a few months but have heard many stories about the "new " gas state side. Might have been better to store it empty? When I got to Vegas it was at the start of a vicious storm and flooding. One I would not have believed had I not been there so did not want to stop anywhere for supplies. I'll plan ahead a bit more next time. Water was over my boots in spots riding some roads. Did not know exactly where the house was that the bike was to be stored at and the people were not at home. Part of the adventure!
Definently recommend RSFR to any one. Like the idea of a cheap bike in Mexico as well. A pretty cheap buzz for sure. I paid $800 for my FJ1100 so if it shows up on an episode of Storage Wars it won't be the end of the world! hehe.
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