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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
Where do you even begin to answer such a question, if you cannot tell the difference when a bike weighs 50 lbs less?

But I'll try cause I'm nice like that: the idea is to have a bike that is not a fat overweight pig (407 lbs) yet does not need an engine rebuild every x,000 miles like the TE (maybe 1x,000 if you are lucky?).
Because it's still not going to be the off road worthy bike people seem to expect. It's like starting backwards and never getting it to where you want, but you can actually take the TE and make it something you want and it will still weigh 50+ lbs less than the Terra and be better both on and offroad.

Does anyone have stats on engine rebuild with the TE's, or is this just speculation, because if you check the things done to make the BMW engine get 10+ more HP, it looks like it puts in in the same realm as needing work done as the TE. Over a 12 on compression.

I tried this on my DR650 years ago, and it NEVER really became more capable. Lighter headlight, rear fender, now this shoria battery, lighter exhaust. It's still a pig with lipstick. Sure, i can tell when a bike weighs 50 lbs less, but if the suspension isn't made to hack the terrain, and the cases get hung up on things a TE won't, the point is you got the wrong bike. Believe me, I'm seriously looking at this as a contender, but I can keep my DR if I want a passenger, and get the TE because it's just more capable overall.
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