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I just stumbled across this thread... wow! Great work putting all this material together in one spot, Vulfy! (and of course thanks to everyone else that's contributed as well)

I'm definitely going to be scooping some cones from the rider's training school I teach with and will be heading out to the parking lot for some GP8 action!

This may even become something we can work into riding clinics and perhaps even novice rider training (to a slightly lesser extent, of course). Anyway... just wanted to chime in and say thanks, and that I'll definitely be posting up some video and time results when I get a chance.

In the meantime, here's a little clip my wife took while we (the riding school) were running a tight little skills challenge at a local bike show & shine a few years ago.

Looking forward to trying this out... we'll have to see whether my DR650 or my wife's DRZ-SM is the better tool for the job. I'm infinitely more comfortable in tight turns and counterbalancing with the DR, but there's no denying the quick turn-in and sheer fun factor of 17" sport tires on the SM. We shall see....
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