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tried that when i got home tonight. no luck. I set my zoom level at 0.2 miles and only get about 80% of street names. When i zoom in it will change intermittently. 1 time the name of the road will show up another time it wont. I noticed that when i use my finger to move the screen around ill loose names or they will move around, sometimes upside down where as i cant read them. Im wondering if cn2012 would make a difference. And thanks for all the help I appreciate it...

Ill call garmin support tomarrow cuz im thinkin its closed already.
I don't have a Montana so this might not be relevant, but the 478 series has a "Declutter On/Off" option that was separate from the "Zoom Level Detail" you've been messing with. The "Declutter On" option basically hid almost all labels (text) on the screen. Might the Montana have the same option somewhere?
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