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North to Watson Lake?

North to Watson Lake
If I was a punster, I'd be tempted to say I slept like a log - but since I'm not . . . Slept great! Loaded the bike as the thermometer read 63 degrees. Cooler weather is in store. On some Alaska ride reports, I read of trying to find the best cinnamon bun. Well, they are found everywhere. Since my cabin did not have a means to lock the door - the owner handed me a cinnamon bun instead of a key.
Cinnamon buns in Canada, the Yukon and Alaska don't look like the ones I have had in the states. One is a meal. They are big enough to last me until noon to think about chow. No, I didn't take a picture of a 1/2 eaten bun . . . but photos of them are available on other reports. I did take a photo of the gas pump. You will see why.
I climbed over the first ridge of the day to see black clouds overhead and Virga (Virga is basically rain that doesn't reach the ground) dangling everywhere along my expected path. The temperature dropped to 57 as the first puddle sized drops whacked me. Two miles of riding by instinct - visibility was drastically reduced - and I popped out of the other side of the front. I stayed out of the rain except for a couple of brief showers until 5:00 when the front or one of its cousins caught me. I enjoyed the next ten miles of duck drowning water falls.
I have to back up again. I stopped for brunch at "Jack's Place." Jack was on the telephone ordering supplies. Most of the supplies had active adjectives attached. Jack's bald head glistened as he raised his voice to me. "SIT DOWN! I'LL BE WITH YOU WHEN THIS ....ING IDIOT, ...ING GETS THE ...ORDER RIGHT." Me, "O.K." It wasn't long before the idiot had the order right. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" "Uh, ham and eggs over easy, hash browns, sour dough toast and a cup of hot tea." I answered. "WELL YOU BETTER THINK AGAIN. YOU CAN'T EAT THAT MUCH, YOU WANT THE GERIATRIC PLATE." "No. I would like what I just said." '
"YA CAN'T EAT THAT MUCH! I'VE TOLD YA'. SO, I GOT NOTHIN' ELSE TO TELL YA'!" A moments silence. "I'LL BE BACK. I GOTTA' OPEN THE ...ING POST!" He exited the Diner, walked next door, unlocked the front door to the Post Office, accepted a package from a lady. He no sooner steped inside the Post Office than he is back outside headed my way. "YOU STILL WANT ALL THAT FOOD? YA' CAN'T EAT THAT MUCH YA' KNOW." MURMER, MURMER, MURMER.
Five minutes go by. . . "Wow! That is one big ham slice.!" "I TOLD YA'! YA' WON'T BE ABLE TO EAT IT ALL!" Forty five minutes later, I am forcing down the last bite of a ham slice eight inches in diameter and over a half inch thick. I had a pile of hash browns that made the two eggs on top look like Quail eggs. Then there was the toast - Jack is a baker. Jack baked the sourdough bread. Jack sliced the bread for the toast. Each slice is over six inches by six inches by two inches thick! I thought I was going to die, but I would either eat it all or explode. . .. I left a small scrap of toast crust on the plate. "SEE! I TOLD YA' COULDN'T EAT IT ALL. . . SHOULDA HAD A GERIATRIC PLATE!" I just paid the $16.00 and waddled out to the bike. I had to squish some to get on.
I arrived at Watson Lake in the early afternoon. I stopped at a grocery store to get dinner.I refueled and headed out of town to the first campground. Full. Second campground - Closed. Third - whew! hair on back of neck says, "Don't!" I don't. Then it rained. I rode on. Looking and looking. By staying in Watson Lake, I'd need to ride 300 miles to get to Whitehorse . . .. I now only have to go 100.
Today was another critter day. There is a song that has a lyric. . . never roller skate in a buffalo herd . . .. Good advice. My, but they are big - even the little ones.

Gas price is HOW MUCH?

No skaters allowed

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