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SAS and Canni completely rebuilt and reinstalled. Left the ECU as-is to see where it's at (Akro map with 02s on). Went for a 200 mi. test ride. 28 mpg. Grrrrr.

I'm having immense frustration attempting to get TunECU to run on my Mac using a virtual machine. I don't know how to "drive" Windows, but it's not just me: A friend stopped by today (who does professional automotive F.I.) and he couldn't get it to work on my machine either, even though it seemingly worked fine on his pro laptop.

He flashed the stock map to the bike (KM601EU0704501) for me, and confirmed the O2 sensors are on. He showed the following error codes (which I've not seen before. Looked them up in the manual):

P0113 - Air temp sensor - (output signal too high/short circuit)

PO122 - Throttle position sensor - (output signal too low/interruption)

P0130 - Lambda probe - (rear cylinder/malfunction)

I would like to confirm these on another computer before proceeding. How could all of these get fried at the same time? Wiring problem maybe?

I've not test ridden with these settings/errors yet.

That's where I'm at. I apparently don't have a reliable computer to do more ECU stuff, which is making me, well, EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED. My friend suggested I go buy a cheap-O PC laptop just for the bike, and I'm seriously considering doing it, even though I want a PC in my life as bad as want a hole in the head.
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