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Thank you laser for typing what I * should have said* to begin with. you summed it up perfectly! And much more eloquent.

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I'm not trying to make anyone mad. darmst6829, let me know that he was NOT a "new to trials" rider, to which I publicly announce, well you and I can disagree anytime, I dont hold ill will to almost anyone, especially fellow trials riders. Ill save ill will for certain political people and stuff.

Darm6829 says that he's riding more twin shock pre 70's bikes, nowdays. This honestly threw me a little. On the no stop type events on bikes (that are run without clutches) it seems to me (from my testing and experience) that he'd of chimed in agreeing that the technique, is used in every section... But no.

But again I still believe the video of the turning techniques from TTC, were VERY exaggerated, for the point of showing you how it is done. I have shown all the riders I get started, almost the same thing, being extreme... This has been done for years, before I even knew the video existed. Everything we "train" with is like Laser17 (and others and thank you BTW) kind of agreed.

But also know this, IMHO when teaching someone new to this sport, AND because IMHO balancing in a turn is so fundamental, I have always felt you have them do it in a little "exaggerated form."

Why? what I find is after the "instruction" session, ALWAYS, they tend to relax back by at least 50%. This way, that 1/2 effort is still pretty good form. The next ride time, they will be down to 12%, and you have to make them re-emphasize the position again. Eventually the "natural" look is where they finally end up, that is if you are watchful trainer.

Plus, there are a hundred little tidbits and nuances that go along with this training technique, that I don't have time to write that novel right now, let alone feel I can relate it with a keyboard. But not completely unlike teaching someone how to write, physical things are something you get the body to get a "muscle memory" of. Remember kindergarten and writing your first "A"? they were 1-1.5 inches tall. you dont write that big now do you? I know my teacher is spinning in her grave, I write like a doctor, you cant even read what I print anymore, hardly unless I am being really careful. Same thing happens to trials riding and your techniques, if you dont become aware that it does happen.

Exaggerating the position feels very awkward at 1st, but like I said they relax a bit, and they have that image in their mind that they look like the video, we all know they dont look like the video...

hope that helps a little.

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