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Don't be so quick to flash 'em

Originally Posted by PHOTOBMW View Post
My adopted practice ANYTIME someone could remotely cross my path is to give two quick shots of the high beam day or night; its brief and gets them looking my way.
There will always be a disagreement on this point. There are those who believe you're giving the "go ahead and turn" message, when that may not be your intent.

I am in that camp...I'm not going to flash my lights. I WILL, however, waggle the bars / swerve slowly in my lane. This movement has a better chance at getting their attention, without the possible mixed message. Driver's thinking, "Is he telling me to turn, or not to turn?"

Oncoming lights, flashing or not, don't help the driver in estimating your / my closing speed. The bike profile is so much smaller than an oncoming car or truck. It's really difficult to judge; therefore, the cager is going to think he can clear the turn before we get there.
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