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My opinion? I love it! Almost as much as the Guzzi LeMans that I sold to buy this.

I really got lucky on this one. 2006 with only 8660 miles on it when I bought it. I am the fourth owner, but I greatly benefitted by their additions to this fine bike.

Metal Mule luggage
Palmer windscreen
Givi monokey trunk
Mustang lowered pegs
Triumph TOR exhaust
Triumph gel seat (not that great when you get right down to it)
Handlebar risers
Factory manual
Fehling crash bars
SW Motech mirror wideners
Bags Connection tank bag
Triumph center stand
And a date with Gina Bellman

I've owned it for almost 7000 miles now. It handles quite well within its limits (its not a Guzzi LeMans). It is truly all day comfortable for my banged up and arthritic knees. I can ride almost tank to tank. And with that TOR exhaust, it sings almost as well as that Italian basso profundo that I had previously been enamored with.

I haven't quite figured out why some people have complained about the headlights. They are really quite good compared to my past bikes I have owned once you get them aimed properly. Which is a real PITA!!

My only real problem so far other than a lack of vacation time to go riding, is the injection system. Three different maps so far and it still stumbles around 2500 to 3500 rpm at a steady throttle setting. Checked for air leaks and didn't find any. Looks like it is time for some custom mapping.

Also, does this chain ever wear? Over 15000 miles on the original chain, over 7000 miles on it since I bought it and I have only had to adjust it once so far. Admittedly, I almost singlehandedly support Bel-Ray's chain lube division, but still, I would have expected to have seen some appreciable wear on the chain and sprockets by now. I know- qwitcherbitchin. When it is time to replace chain and sprockets, I am using whatever Triumph used originally.

Is it a keeper?

Hell Yes!!!

Power, comfort, looks, rideability. For me, the total package.

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