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Excellent! I think your bike has loads of character (a very good thing!). I've done a lot of solo riding for the same reason you did yours, and there's a lot to be said for it. You can go anywhere you want to go, at your pace, stop when you want, ride non-stop as long as you want, turn around, change routes, etc. and no one will second guess you (well, except yourself ). I've met a lot of wonderful folks while doing that. I did a trip out that way once and travelled the Gorge with that tail wind; it makes the bike rather squirrelly if I remember correctly. I rode Crowsnest Pass (Hwy 3 in southern BC/Alberta Canada, north of Waterton-Glacier Park) once in wind that was pushing me from behind; I was riding at 50 to 60 mph and the wind was faster . I thought I had a flat tire for a while, but it was just the wind pushing me around from behind. It is great for gas mileage!

While I do prefer the back roads, I can't knock the Interstate for making time. I-80 isn't bad through Oregon and Idaho, but kinda sucks once you hit southern Wyoming. I-90 further north is actually a very fun ride through Washington, Idaho, and western Montana; I used to live in Wyoming and rode Montana when there wasn't a speed limit - I-90 at 100+ through western MT was a hoot!

Anyway, glad to see you've got your priorities straight and are out there having fun. Please note: there are lots of women out there that love a good motorcycling adventure too, and as Led Zep once said, there ain't no companion like a blue-eyed girl . Oh, I have some wonderful memories... Changes the freedom factor a little, though!

Ride on!

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