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Adv Gear for hot weather

Hi Revzilla team,

I've been off bikes for quite a while. I'm just about to get back into it, specifically adventure/dual sport touring and im happy as hell because my partner wants a bike too.
We've been looking for some good quality riding gear to suit our conditions and need some help. We are both finding it extremely frustrating at the lack of good gear out there for women as well. What would you recommend for an adventure/dualsport jacket and pants combo ( they dont have to match). Our priorities are quality and comfort, protection and ventilation. At this stage that is more important than price. Here in Australia, and where we will be riding we are less concerned with waterproofing (internal layers would be out most of the time) and much more concerned with staying as cool as we can in temps up to 90-100deg + it would be nice to have the ability to wear layers underneath or a liner for warmth when it is needed but we are happy to use a goretex or similar over-jacket/pants when it rains. what would be your top few mens choices and ladies choices for this application. usage would be probably 70-30 offroad-onroad.

Thanks for the advice.

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