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I like rear drum brakes, I never had a bike I could not lock the back wheel on, and since I am ham fisted and unskilled, I like needing a bit of force needed on the brakes, otherwise I would have something bad happen in the rain.
And drum brakes never seem to wear out, at least I don't remember ever wearing one out.
The drum brakes on my old Daytona also worked very well, TLS setup with an air scoop, I could also lock up the front wheel on that bike.
Only if racing would the brakes be a limitation due to over heating, but that would never happen street riding this kind of bike.

Tubes on street bikes do suck.
In the old days you could pop a tire off and patch one in 15 minutes, new bikes seem to suck that way with the modern rim locks and no center stand.

Funny, I had a 1979 Triumph Bonneville special which had mag wheels and tubes!
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