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Originally Posted by Sock Monkey View Post
From the manual:

Fuel Premium unleaded petrol,
minimum octane rating 95 (NORM)
and 85 (NOMM)

Wow! I wasn't sure I understood what that meant so I did a little research.

NORM = Research Octane Number (RON)
NOMM = Motor Octane Number (MON)

In the US the octance rating on the pump is indicated in a value of (R + M)/2 which is (RON + MON)/2. In other words, this is the average of the NORM (RON) and the NOMM (MON).

Those numbers stated above come out to a recommended octane rating of 90 in the US. The most common grades of gas available in the US are 87, 89, and 93.

So the question is, which grade of gas are you guys using? Is 89 octance close enough to the recommended 90 to be safe for this engine?
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