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Originally Posted by Maggot12 View Post
I too am considering a "small sport tourer". The FZ6 and the GSX650F are high on my list. There is one of each fo sale by the same owner. Both setup with luggage and 08's in the for sale section.

Anyone ride both and can tell which is smoother at highway speeds? I briefly rode the FZ and really liked it and I'd assume the GSX would be similar around town which most of my riding would be. That and the odd day trip or weekend thrown in.

I'd love to own a larger ST such as the FJR or C14 but that's way overkill for my 10 minute commute and 55km speed limit.
I have never ridden the FZ6 but I own an FZ6R that I've put 15K miles on and I rode a GSX650F for an entire weekend a couple years ago. From what I can remember they both perform almost identically in traffic and commuting. The 650F was a bit more stable on the highway, but that does not mean the 6R is UNstable. I've done a week long, 3K mile trip on my 6R and it is just fine on the highway, 80mph+, for days on end. :) The 6R is just a little buzzier than the 650F at 80-90mph but nothing that is intrusive. I've never thought I needed to change bikes because of that. I did change the front sprocket to a 17 tooth and that brought the RPM's down a little which was helpful.

I'm not sure if that info helps but from what I know you would not be dissapointed with a 650F, and I think it is a very underrated bike. There are also a lot of folks who tour on an FZ6 and I've never seen anything negative that stands out.

My .02 cents...
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