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Being 6-5 with a 38 inch inseam means for me that little trials bike is a long ways down there.I have 2 inch risers that for me work wonderful.I know Geoff Aaron is 6-4 and does not use risers but he is also less than half my age.I know when I am reaching my limit going up or down and having the bars a little higher than they should be is not a determining factor in what I can ride.I would rather ride mediocre all day than be in supposedly the right position and ride for 30 minutes and be crippled.I have no problem knowing I am doing it wrong if I can enjoy the ride longer.I stood next to Adam Raga at the Donner World round in 97 and he comes to the middle of my chest.Actually my workbench is 8 inches higher than normal and it works great.All the doorknobs are stock and are very low.
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