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Originally Posted by Speedo66 View Post
Luckily, the W's do come with a center stand.
No luck about it - for a road bike to have tubes and a chain, it is a properly designed bike (albeit it a design that is easily 40 years old - just think where we'd be today if the makers actually continued to improve on what makes a proper bike... proper ... for another 40 years!).

I just came off of a modern chain-driven road bike I put ton of miles on, and realized that they had bike design down-pat back in the 1970's with center stands, neutral comfort, etc.

The reason why the W is designed right and not sold in the US is because the US market, by and large, does not understand what makes a good bike good. Instead we're too worried about ego-trips and looking cool on a bike that looks cool.

I'm pretty willing to bet that if I had a W800 shipped over and just threw the plates of a similar sized / color Kawasaki on one, I'd never be questioned for riding it here in Florida. Really, how often do police check the VIN of a bike and compare it to the plates at a traffic stop, anyway? Police, at least in this state, have far more crime to worry about than a bike that was never reported stolen in the first place.
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