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the reply.

Greetings Forumdwellers..

I am Viola-tors friend the professional mechanic …with the fancy laptops that scan vehicles..

My initial impression of this KTM.. in a rather scattered reply.

Dont skimp on any cheaper types of budget contact anti ox. Get the $15-$30 a can stuff.

get at least this stuff, (or something better) put it inside *every* electrical connection on the ktm that has to do with drivetrain control. Before replacing the sensors, do the wiring maintenance. ( I attempt to explain more below ) It will make the bikes ecm feel better.

like Jacks fuel pump, or half the sensors or modules I worked on last year… that were failing, its often not the unit but the molex connector..


With one of my fast laptop that’s talking to the bike as fast as a T1 line, scan the bike, after cleaning and tweaking all the molex plugs. After they have all been cleaned & treated with a no ox product.. IF, IF IF, its still messing up... then wiggle test it with a scanner that’s working well. ( not that wonky slow windows emulator, you need realtime if its going to drop any connection or module )
And… second opinion needed from the toughbook pro...its scanning word has always been law …its never failed me. I have two other work laptops, you may use one for a second opinion if you want. I just need it back asap. For best confirm, Use a slightly different KTM software version, a different laptop…But I assure you, its really not needed. You’ve got some wonky electrical connections, or a bad sensors. .. but usually it’s a molex plug oxidized.

your KTM needs all its contacts - that chemical - and tweaking of the internal pins at each connector 4-7 degree gradual twist or so. . on each pin, inside each connector, with a strong hemostat or needle nose.. just enough to give it resistance going in, but not screw em up.
Ill show you how before another bike ride once the mud is dry. maybe next weds or sooner.

After an oxidized plug is serviced, for long term stability... FILL each plug with electric insulating goop. It displaces the bad things that causes grief.

Hey, and I could have sworn, (at least in my own separate reality,) I signed up on advrider long ago,… seems to have deleted my login info ..maybe if I didnt log in for more than 6 months ??
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