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brought home my lightly-used '04 girlie with a bit over 20k km.

I totally freakin' love it. Best of all, it's ORANGE - that would be tigger-colour! Which means that my other orange bike is now sulking in the corner of the garage. ('07 ktm640A for sale!!)

I'm going to lose my license (but the Mounties would have to catch me first)

gonna put on proper barkbusters first, then think about other mods...

it has metz tourance rubber - I guess I can put on anakees or scorpion-trails or TKC's, maybe will try TKC's first, although I expect the rear will be smooth pretty quick given the stupid power!.

why didn't I buy one of these things years ago?

couple questions for the inmates,

seems to have TOR can. would it have been re-mapped? how can I find out??

the crash bars look kinda different - shaped like a U (right side up) with a plate at the bottom about 15x15 cm that attaches to the bottom of the engine. Any idea the origin of this thing??

...winter is coming, better ride while I can!

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