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Originally Posted by HardCase View Post
My AK is a hybrid of sorts. It is an American made milled steel receiver with old but supposedly unused Russian parts. I cannot recall at the moment the name of the manufacturer of the receiver, will check it and edit this post to provide that info. I bought it at a local shop a couple of years ago. I've never cared much for AKs, always thought they were pretty crude and clunky, but this one just looked right to me, the way an AK ought to look when coupled with a well-dressed terrorist ensemble.

By M&P 22 I assume you mean (not to be overly gun-geek/techie here) the M&P 15-22? They do look a something like an M-4, but are quite a bit lighter in weight, mostly made of plastic and lightweight materials. Lots of fun, though, and a decently accurate .22. Here's a pic of my girlfriend shooting one from a little over a year ago. And yes, I know, she should be wearing eye-protection. She does not always do as she is told.

Lighter makes it even better for me

The other M&P 22 is nice too (the pistol) but with that I might go for the "pro" model 9mm.

I would like a polymer IWI Jericho but my hands aren't strong enough for a double action trigger. One of the big things about the M&P pros is they come with lightened triggers among other features.
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