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Originally Posted by outsidein View Post
If I knew heated gear was as good as it is in the cold I would have got it a long time ago. I can ride comfortably for any length of time at any speed in pretty much any temp down to freezing. The heated collar is really nice and keeps your head warm.
Funny that. I bought my first Widder (RIP) vest in 1991. It was a revelation to me, and it still works today. I have a box full of connectors.... Since then I can count about half a dozen riders I've bought electric gear for as b'd/xmas presents who had never heard of electric gear. Each of them has later said "Oh my gawd - why didn't I try this sooner????".

I now use W&S gear because I respect Mike's level of customer service, attention to detail, innovation, and overall approach to his customers. Sure, his feud is a bit "distracting" but overall he's a good person to do business with.
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