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I donít think it is that unusual to find very small particles of what may appear to be rust in the bottom of float bowls. Seen it many times. But I donít think it is necessarily always rust. The important thing is what it looks like inside your tank. Drain it out & take a real good look in there. I have rarely added filters but maybe thatís all you need. A small in line filter.
An inline filter is on its way. What I was told by the po was that he bought it for his wife in 06 for her to learn on. That didn't happen. Every spring he drained the gas (put it in his lawn mower), rode it to get inspected and filled it back up only to sit in the garage the rest of the year. I'll pull the tank again and take a look, but I still would like to know if a plastic tank exists that will bolt up with minimal modification (preferably to the tank not the bike).
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