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Originally Posted by Moronic View Post
If you are referring to the figure I quoted from the Motorcycle Consumer News reports, you are quite right: that was for the small-tank R1200GS, without bags or engine bars etc, and not for the Adventure model.

Independent weight figures for the Adventure aren't so easy to come by. However, Motorcyclist online quotes 581 lbs for the 07 model.

However, just how wet that is I'm not sure. I am guessing it is without the aluminium bags. They also quote 631 lbs for the 05 R1200RT - a 50 lb difference - whereas BMW's own figures quote a difference of only 14 lbs for dry weight - and the GS Adventure has a bigger tank.

It is looking like a full-tank GS Adventure with alum bags and a full-tank Stelvio with bags might not be so far apart.

Interested to see if anybody can dig up something more accurate. I remember there were some home-measured weights quoted on the Super Tenere thread a while back, for a bunch of bikes (but maybe not a GS Adventure).
IMO this weight debate is pointless simply because these bikes are ALL running 600lbs+ once they are set up for adventure (engine bars, aux lights, sturdy bags, heavy-duty bash plate, etc.). Even 50lbs here or there makes little to no difference.

What DOES matter is where that weight is, and a spec sheet won't tell you that. To figure that part out, peeps need to ride each of them. I did, and based on that, I found the GSA to be a friggin' tank, especially with the fuel tank full. It carries a lot of it's mass up high, and as a result it's a handful. MANY owners have sold them for that very reason: Too tippy/hard to handle when loaded. The NTX and Tenere are both much better balanced, and carry their weight much lower. The Multistrada and KTM 990 are both significantly lighter to begin with, and feel more like big dirt bikes than ponderous street bikes. Both are well balanced, and don't feel overly porky even fully loaded. The only one I haven't ridden is the new Tiger Explorer, but I sat on one at the dealer and flipped it side to side (to the horror of the sales guy! ) and it felt no different than the Tenere or the Stelvio (but the tank had maybe 1 gallon of fuel vs. being full). One of these days I'll take one out for a spin and get a feeling for how it handles "on the move".

All that to say static weights listed on spec sheets mean F'all, and what matters is how they handle "fully configured" on actual roads (dirt or sealed).

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