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Originally Posted by 1200gsceej View Post
I have a Sena SMH10 which is paired with my buddy's similar unit.
It is also connected to my Zumo 660.
I believe that I understand the Bluetooth connection hierarchy - GPS, connection to buddy, music.
(I do not have a phone connection; I'm not sure where it would fit).
Anyway ....
If my buddy and I are talking and the GPS needs to give me directions, it "breaks in" and my buddy and I cannot hear each other. I clearly understand that.
However, the same thing happens if I just touch my 660 (e.g. I want to zoom in/out on the map, or want to see if there is food or gas nearby). Our conversation connection goes dead.
So, is there anything that can be done about that? I'd like to be able to keep talking while I am looking at (making selections on) the GPS.
Or is that just the way it is? (and if so, could someone explain why and what is going on?)
I don't know if you have read the owners manual, but that will give you the info you are looking for

As a note the Function priority is : Mobile Phone
Stereo Music by cable connection
Bluetooth Stereo Music

You don't say if when you are using the 660 if it is playing music via Bluetooth connection, or is the 660 in Navigation mode (giving directions) this maybe what is causing the intercom connection to be dropped, till you stop playing on the 660.
Bluetooth is only capable of 1 connection at a time, so what ever you are doing is causing the connection to change.

Hope this helps.
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