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Originally Posted by Sock Monkey View Post
How did you move the front brake line?

The electrical bundles are all long enough, but the throttle cables and front brake line were not, at least not on my bike. I considered undoing the throttle cables, but I was too lazy to do a front brake bleed so I went the top-clamp-removal route.

Re. the ROX not being a "perfect fit", what doesn't fit???

I left the brake lever cylinder etc attached to the bar but un did the clutch cable, I then routed the brake line under the bars by kind of rotating the bars while I had them undone off the bar clamps. Bit hard to explain but it worked a treat. Cheers
UNDERSTEER is when you hit the wall forwards.
OVERSTEER is when you hit the wall backwards.
HORSEPOWER is how fast you hit the wall.
TORQUE is how far the wall moves after you hit it
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