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Originally Posted by Moronic View Post
Okay, found a likely sounding online source at Rider magazine.

They appear to have weighed an R1200GS Adventure and a Stelvio this year in similar states: bash plate, engine bars and side boxes on, and full tanks. Results ...

Stelvio: 661 lbs.

GS Adventure: 628 lbs.

... so according to them, there are 33lbs in it, or about 15kg.

Given that the Beemer sits on taller suspenders and likely carries its crankshaft still higher (to get some cornering clearance out of those horizontal jugs), it is not hard to see why the Stelvio would feel easier to throw around, and even to right after a tip-over.

In other news:

They weighed the Yam Super Tenere when they weighed the GS, and it came up the same: 628 lbs.

Given that the Super Ten carries 9 Litres less fuel (15 lbs) and has plastic panniers (8 lbs for the pair, compared with aluminium? I'm guessing ) we can speculate that an unadorned Super Ten would weigh about 10 lbs less than an unadorned Stelvio.

Adds some perspective, doesn't it?

For a bit more perspective, when BMW released the 1200 Adventure they claimed it was 27 lbs lighter than the its predecessor, the 1150 Adventure. Which would put the Super Ten, Stelvio and 1150 Adventure roughly on par.

And in yet other news:

Perspective from another angle - these are light heavyweights compared with the four-cylinder sport-tourer crowd. For example, from Rider figures:

2011 Kaw Concours 14: 690 lbs (with 10 litres less fuel, plastic panniers and no bash-plate or protective ironwork).

Edit: Hi to Sock - that one came in while I was typing.
Awesome - thank you. Very useful.
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