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You think it is sad for KTM to build bikes in market segments where they can profitably grow their business? I think this is a good move by KTM. KTM is a business not a charilty and i think you should look at it from the perspective that if KTM doesnt build bikes for a larger audience they never will be able to sustan building the bikes you want. The good news is I believe KTM will not dilute from it's core capabilities as a 'ready to race' company. IMO they have a corporate mission and culture that will continue to focus on hard core dirt and performance products like the xbow for example. but the realities of the motorcycle business dictate they need 'mainstream' products to fund the wild side otherwise there will be no more KTM. For what it is worth i am a loyal KTM customer and i know who john penton is and the 1190 is on the top of my list!

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I think it is sad to see KTM build bikes to compete with other brands rather than build bikes to compete. Sure I know it is a business and they are out to make some money. I am sure they will sell a ton of these from the interest in this thread. Since I see people putting smaller diameter wheels on their 950/990's maybe this type bike fits that segment well. BTW I think that totally defeats the purpose of the adventure. One of the main reasons I own a 950 is the correct off road worthy 21/18 setup.

To me KTM is "Ready to race". If you want to be competitive at any level in off road racing you buy KTM. Not only are they fast fun and reliable but very competitive right out of the box. Their bikes have been getting away from the race heritage the last few years. New 990's come with an imobilizer? ABS? What do you need that for? And What race are you entering a 1190?

Ahh the sport touring adventure market has a demand for these things. I wish they would leave that market to BMW. So I just hope KTM does not loose sight of what made them great. And I think if you own a KTM you should know who John Penton is.

Maybe this will allow them to offer a 1190 as a street option and a 990 as the off road option without softening it for road use?

+1 for the 690 adventure. (With the correct wheels 21/18)

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