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Originally Posted by gkaan View Post
You think it is sad for KTM to build bikes in market segments where they can profitably grow their business? I think this is a good move by KTM. KTM is a business not a charilty and i think you should look at it from the perspective that if KTM doesnt build bikes for a larger audience they never will be able to sustan building the bikes you want. The good news is I believe KTM will not dilute from it's core capabilities as a 'ready to race' company. IMO they have a corporate mission and culture that will continue to focus on hard core dirt and performance products like the xbow for example. but the realities of the motorcycle business dictate they need 'mainstream' products to fund the wild side otherwise there will be no more KTM. For what it is worth i am a loyal KTM customer and i know who john penton is and the 1190 is on the top of my list!

This does not appear to be an imitation of a GS, Multistrada, or Explorer... Rather KTM's entry to a segment THE MARKET defined. And it is distinctly KTM. More power than competition, less weight by far save MTS which is sport touring bike reall anyway, option for 21"/18" wheels, and on and on.

The funniest part is how many people are lamenting the production end of a bike that is now more than 10 years old, besides there are plenty of 12's, and 11's languishing on dealership floors... Go buy one.

Everyone that is commenting on the bikes (lack of)abilities is comical, having nothing more than vague details that spec sheet wise, only place this bike a few lbs heavier, and some pictures. To not like how the book looks is fine, but it is pretty damn hard to judge what it's contents are that way, my god no one has even reviewed it yet. I have tasted the engine in this bike and it is leagues better than its competition. Unless something is fundamentally flawed with the design of the chassis, other than looks, this bike is destined for greatness.
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