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You think it is sad for KTM to build bikes in market segments where they can profitably grow their business? I think this is a good move by KTM. KTM is a business not a charilty and i think you should look at it from the perspective that if KTM doesnt build bikes for a larger audience they never will be able to sustan building the bikes you want. The good news is I believe KTM will not dilute from it's core capabilities as a 'ready to race' company. IMO they have a corporate mission and culture that will continue to focus on hard core dirt and performance products like the xbow for example. but the realities of the motorcycle business dictate they need 'mainstream' products to fund the wild side otherwise there will be no more KTM. For what it is worth i am a loyal KTM customer and i know who john penton is and the 1190 is on the top of my list!

Sorry to offend... I don't think our opinions are far off from each other. My word choice is not the best. I know it is a business and I know it will grow their market segment. It is also a good business for them to be in. I am making assumptions about the bike and KTM's marketing plans by looking at pictures. It is probably a bad idea to post opinions based on pictures. When I look at those spy photos I see vstrom-esque or tenere-esque and not advenutre-esque. That doesn't fit with my "race" view of KTM. That is all I was trying to say.
When the 950 adv was released there was nothing like it. It was a market maker. Today, there are lots of 1200 cc adventure touring bikes on the market. My assumption is that this is the market they are trying to compete in. No? I could be completely wrong, that is what it looks like to me.
I am sure if KTM builds it, it will be great bike, they all are. Also this does not dissuade me from buying any KTM or even an 1190. I don't think they "sold out" or anything; I am also a loyal KTM owner. If the 1190 leans more to the touring market then I hope they leave some room in their lineup for the off road adventure crowd. Maybe a 690 adventure would fit the bill. Otherwise I will be sad.
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