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Originally Posted by Berin View Post
Thanks for that - that fixed it!

2 more questions -

1) Is there any way to fix the data fields so that they 1 set of data fields in the map screen whilst navigating and another set whilst just viewing the map whilst riding?

2) I've set a profile which has 2 pages of icons. For some reason, the first page shown is always the right-hand, or 2nd page of the 2 pages, and I have to arrow back to page 1 to see these icons. It's only on one profile - all the others show the 1st page first. Can I change this to show page 1 first?

thanks again!
1) Not that I know of, as of software version 4.50. The data fields that show on the dashboard of the map are the same whether you are navigating or not.

2) I believe that the "main" page of a profile is always the default shown when switching to that profile. You can create other pages by dragging the icons to the left or right edges to move them to a new page, but those won't be shown unless you scroll to them. Place your most commonly used shortcuts and applications on the main page so that you only have to scroll for items you use less often.
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