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I like the 990's and liked my old 950 too. I think they are iconic designs, much the way many of the Ducati's have been over recent decades. I just hate to see the KTM twins end up so boring to look at.

They should have retained that beautiful trellis chassis and kept the styling minimalist. The new bike has no character.

Oh well. I love my 690R and it may be the last new bike I buy anyways. It has more character than anything I've owned. The chassis is the prettiest part of the motorcycle and they hung a lot of really nice parts on it.

Also, their dirt bike line has become remarkably high fit and finish and many of them are street legal too. Still plenty fast, as an example my son topped out at 96mph in the Mexican 1000 last spring. Not bad for a 350 dual sport.

KTM is finally having great success in USA motocross, not to mention their hot new Moto3 GP bikes.

As long as they keep producing beautiful performance machines like my 690 and son's 350 and 200, I guess I can accept them going after the BMW market with the 1190. Some of us wouldn't be caught dead on a BMW so maybe they actually pick up some market share. I'd never want one, nor any of the other bike bikes trying to steal GS 1200 sales, though.
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