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While I respect many of yalls opinions and know that most of you have more experience than my mere 9k miles on a 9x0 adventure, what I'm getting here is 42 pages of,

"The Adventure 9x0 is soo good, we don't think KTM can ever build anything better, or even as good, so they shouldnt try, ever, and if they do, we won't buy one just on principle."

Yeah its got more power, but it doesn't weigh any more.

Yeah it looks like a vstrom, but just looking at the 9x0 doesnt reveal its offroad prowess either.

I agree the 9x0 is that good. I agree it will be hard to beat or even match. But I'm glad KTM is trying, rather than keeping the 9x0 around for 25 years till its so obsolete KTM isnt even competitive anymore. And from what Ive seen, they haven't missed the mark by too much. But rather than base my opinion on how ugly it is, I'll reserve judgement till i ride one.

No hate here
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