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Originally Posted by rickrwh View Post
If you've read through this thread at all you've figured out that I'm one of the instructors for Total Control in MD (and sometimes VA). I'm posting on several websites to see if there is enough interest in running a Total Control trackday class to make it worthwhile. This is just guaging interest but we would probably need at least 12 people signed up for it to go. The class is on a racetrack (probably would be Shenandoah at Summit Point, WV) and it's geared towards riders who have already taken a TC level 1 class. I rode out to CA last week and did the class with Lee at Willow Springs and let me tell you it was a blast.

It's not a free for all like a trackday. You have instructors stationed around the course and you practice specific techniques while being observed. You do 3 lap stints and then come in to a hot pit area for feedback from another instructor then you go out and repeat. When your group isn't out riding the track, you practice some of the parking lot excersises from both the level 1 and level 2 classes with instructor feedback just like the normal classes. We could probably even talk Lee into coming out and participating.

So what say ye? Sound like fun?

Here's what it looked like from the beak of my GSA.

Late reply but I would in for this.

Took ARC June of Last year followed by Pridmore's CLASS in July, and my riding has really changed.

Even doing some track days at VIR with NESBA now and can't tell you how much the mechanics learned in ARC have helped.
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