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Borderlands 2 guys.

Keep your eye out for a "Michael Mamaril" NPC once you reach Sanctuary, he'll give you a blue gun every time you see him after going back into Sanctuary. Gearbox did a cool thing honoring a fan that died from cancer.

Here's the locations I've found him at so far:

Mad Moxxi's Bar (beside the juke box)
Mad Moxxi's Bar (hanging out near the slot machines)
Marcus' Store
Scooter's Garage (under the stairs)
alleyway near Claptrap's secret stash
next to the Black Market Dealer
standing beside the News Kiosk

Most of the guns I've been using in the game have come from Michael. With a few I won at the slot machines. Is it just me or is the loot in the game weak compared to B1? 99% of the guns I've found that were dropped by foes, looted from boxes, vending machines, or quest rewards can't beat the guns I'm getting from Michael or the slot machine.
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