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Originally Posted by dilandau View Post
you lazy cuss! you taking the T or are you going to get the norton done in time for 49? im thinking of putting the sport away as I get the tank fixed and work through some issues it has, and maybe drag out the strada and see if i can get it going in time. be fun to change things up- albeit only slightly i suppose.
I'm very keen on taking the Titan, but I will admit it isn't the funnest bike for the city. I don't think I told the BAVR guys, but I also picked up a Lambretta about a month ago. I love the lammy and I might just ride that instead. Truthfully, the CB350 is the idea bike for the city, it is just so nimble and quick around the corners!

I think you should ride the FZR, but I realize that's breakin rules. Would love to see your strada in person after all this time!

Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
Hey, I've ridden with that Anton guy before. He crashed hard one time on his XL500 Honda when the dirt went to ice all of a sudden, good thing he had on his leathers.

Love the old bikes, thanks for posting!!
Anton is a great guy, and pretty infamous around these ADV parts because of that whole scooter engined BMW debacle a few years back. Great story though! Anton also won the 'best rider of the year' award by a landslide.

come on a ride with us, larry!

Originally Posted by SFMCjohn View Post
The Feather River and Route 70 is an alternate way to get from Oakland, for example, to Salt Lake City ... It crosses the Sierras on Beckwourth Pass, which is 2000' lower than Donner Pass ... at the turn of the last century a railroad was built, and both Hwy 70 and the railroad are used today when Donner Pass is impassable due to weather or other closure ...
We loaded up the bikes after the awards banquet, and made it back to the city around 1:30 pm on Sunday night ...
I'd like to ride more of route 70 and the feather river, how soon do we need to head back up there in order to avoid the snow?
Loaded up after the awards banquet but it was 1:30 AM when we rolled into town, and I was dead asleep, apologies for the snorin'. Next year I either need Monday off, or I'll bring a truck from the get go.

I'm still proud of the Titan making it from San Francisco to Nevada under it's own power!
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