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Originally Posted by mud View Post
So I just bottled a NB kit called "The Number 8". It is a dark Belgian similar to Rochefort 8.

I have read the reviews and they said what I found. At bottling it is quite hot. You can REALLY taste the alcohol and it is only about 7.9%.
I am sure it will mellow in the coming weeks.

My question is WHY? Why is it so forward and how does it mellow?

My wife asked, and I did not know the answer.....
Most of those beers contain a specific yeast added at bottling. This is done for several reasons, the first being natural carbonation to give a softer mouth feel, as opposed to forced CO2 carbing. Another reason is that yeast is chosen specifically to compliment the flavors of the beer, and as it ages mellows out the profile by continuing to do its thing in the bottle. As it breaks down more of the complex sugars and opens up more of the flavor, the alcohol becomes less hot and more subtle. There are many more reasons to age a beer, but for that particular brand that's what I know.
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