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Originally Posted by Mikef5000 View Post
Late to the party....

Great ride yesterday! It was almost 10 and a half hours and right on 400 miles for me. About time for another oil change .

More importantly.... perhaps some of you remember my Buell Ulysses woes; the reason I bought my Tenere back in March.

Quickest recap ever: Very minor oil seepage... brought it in for warranty repair. Problem got worse... brought it in for more warranty repair. Problem got worse... brought it in for more warranty repair, this time they needed to replace the cases, which means engine rebuild. Next oil change found bearing parts in the tranny fluid... brought it in for more warranty repair, to get to the tranny they have to split the cases again, another motor rebuild, this time with tranny rebuild. {at this point in time I bought the Tenere, planning on selling the Uly whenever I got it back from this rebuild} 50 miles after I got it back from the second rebuild, it exploded oil everywhere, and was a mess. Noticeable minor issues, as well as the catastrophic oil issue. {Bike is still under warranty, closing in on 3 years old, 29,000 miles}

At this point in time I wrote up a report. One hell of a report. Diagrams, documents, images, time lines, causes/effect summarys. A 26 page report. I sent it to Harley Davidson, the local (servicing) dealership, and the dealership I originally purchased it from (and hadn't spoken too since, they're out of state).

My report (in as respectful a way as possible) blamed the local servicing dealership for all the problems, and expectedly, they were all pissed off and unhelpful. The dealership I originally bought it from was extremely helpful, but limited in what they could do. Then I got a hold of Harley. Things began coming together. They were understanding, supportive, and helpful! Long story slightly shorter, Harley asked how much I wanted out of the bike, they agreed to my number, and they bought the bike back! And not only that, they came and picked it up, check in hand.

So, out of respect for those that were helpful, I feel the need to name drop here...

AD Farrows here in Columbus/Delaware should be avoided for Harley/Buell work. The techs are incompetent, plus the majority of the employees have the worst kind of personalities. Sorry, but I've worked with them way more than I wanted to over the past 2 years, and these are my official findings.

Harley, like, corporate Harley, really pulled through and did the right thing. Sure they may make chrome couches and more clothes than half the clothing brands out there. But I had everything going against me; discontinued bike, high mileage, already bought a replacement out of the family, etc, yet they really came through here. I have a new found respect for the company. (Still no respect for the pirate/poseur Harley riders though, see South Park episode "The F Word")

And finally, Valley HD & Buell in Belmont, OH and Wheeling, WV. These guys worked with Harley to finish everything up and complete the deal. Great to work with, persistent, friendly... Recommended.

That is all! Carry on with your regular ADV convo's.
That is great news Mike !
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