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First Service-almost a WTF!

I took my Stelvio in today for it's first service. I had to trailer it to the dealer since they are almost 2 hours away and they needed a old engine for the valve adjust. I dropped it off about 09:00 and it was done around 13:00. The tech who worked on it is on of the top 3 Ducati certified techs in the country...I remember him working on my '93 Ducati 900 SS back in the day at another dealership.

Anyway, I trailer the bike back home 2 hours, unload the bike and put the trailer away. I decided to go for a short ride to see if the TPS reset and TB sync made any difference. I start it up and's only running on one cylinder!!! I know they took it for a test ride...I checked both plug wires at the plugs and they were on secure. I called the service department and told the service manager what happened...He put the tech on the phone that worked on my bike and told me to check the plug wires which I already had checked. He said it ran fine on his test ride and couldn't think of anything that could have happened.

I was pretty steamed at this point thinking I would have to take it back to the dealer and take another day off of work.

I checked the plug wires again, this time at the coils...I pulled on the wires and they seemed loose but when pulled them out I could feel the resistance when they came out. I put the left side in, then the right. When the right one went back in it didn't feel right so I pulled it back out slightly until I could feel it was seated in the coil right. I started it back up and it was firing on both cylinders...WTF?

I don't know if it happened on the ride home on the trailer but it's worth checking if you have a similiar problem.
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